Facts to Know about Ryder Cup Trophy

The Ryder Cup is a well-known biennial golf competition that puts European and American teams against one another. The reward is the Ryder Cup trophy, a coveted symbol of golfing excellence despite the fierce competition. But what do you know about this historic moment in sports?

This article will examine the Ryder Cup trophy’s design, history, and everything else. Whether you’re a golf fanatic or just inquisitive about this storied trophy, continue reading to learn some interesting facts about the Ryder Cup trophy.

15 Facts About the Ryder Cup Trophy

  1. The Ryder Cup trophy measures 17 inches tall and weighs 4 kilograms (8.8 pounds). It was first shown in 1927.
  1. The award is made of gold and was handcrafted by Samuel L. Masters. Samuel Ryder gave the cup, thus the tournament’s name.
  1. The trophy is one of the most expensive prizes in golf, valued at more than $600,000.
  1. The Ryder Cup trophy is one of the few sports trophies in which teams fight rather than individuals.
  1. When not used, the trophy is housed at the PGA of America headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
  1. In 1927, the United States team became the first to capture the Ryder Cup trophy.
  1. The trophy was lost during WWII and was found by a dog called Pickles while walking with his owner.
  1. Each winning team member receives the trophy for one day and tours it around their home nation.
  1. The Ryder Cup trophy has been damaged several times, including in 2010 when a member of the European squad dropped it by accident.
  1. The trophy was created with a large base to fit the engraved names of the winning team’s players and captains.
  1. The original Ryder Cup trophy is still used today, although a replica is made for the presentation ceremony.
  1. The trophy is customarily presented to the winning squad by the losing team’s captain.
  1. The Ryder Cup trophy has appeared in several films and television programs, including James Bond’s “Goldfinger.”
  1. The trophy was transported to the 2016 Ryder Cup competition in a BMW wing suit that could be attached to the suit’s internal skeleton or a wall for exhibition purposes.
  1. The Ryder Cup trophy is generally regarded as one of the most prestigious in sports. Its legacy continues to influence and motivate golfers worldwide.

Well, I have mentioned the top 15 facts about Ryder Cup Trophy. But the world is full of wonders! There’s more than this. Each fact also has a lot of information to know.

Suppose you are more curious about the facts and want to learn about Ryder Cup Trophy. In that case, you can read the next part, where I have elaborated more about the Ryder Cup Trophy. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the deep!


The Ryder Cup trophy is a shining masterpiece crafted from gold. With a height of 17 inches and a width of nine inches, measured from handle to handle, it weighs a solid four pounds.

Samuel Ryder, the founder of the Ryder Cup competition, was the visionary who commissioned the trophy in 1927. It was his generous donation that brought the trophy to life. The very first sighting of the coveted cup was at a send-off ceremony for the British team, who were bound for Worcester, Massachusetts.

Ryder’s passion for the game was evident in his decision to invest around 250 euros into creating the real trophy. Today, the original and authentic Ryder Cup trophy belongs to the PGA of Great Britain.

To honor the memory of Samuel Ryder, the trophy’s initiator and an inspiration to golf enthusiasts everywhere, officials decided to place the trophy at a designated location. The trophy symbolizes excellence in the sport and is an enduring testament to Ryder’s enduring legacy.

Why is the Ryder Cup so called?

Have you ever wondered why it’s called the Ryder Cup and not another name? The answer lies in the person who made the trophy itself – Samuel Ryder.

Ryder’s passion for golf drove his decision to donate the trophy and organize the prestigious golf competition. The Ryder Cup is a fierce rivalry between the two continents, pitting the formidable teams of America and Great Britain against each other.

Today, the Ryder Cup is one of the most highly anticipated events in the golfing world, with players and spectators alike eagerly awaiting the outcome.

Who made the Ryder Cup trophy?

The Ryder Cup was first created in 1927 and donated by Samuel Ryder himself as a prize for the winners of the prestigious golf tournament. The trophy’s complicated design and exquisite detailing allowed the skill and craftsmanship of Mapping and Webb.

Mapping and Webb, the renowned jewelers and silversmiths, were tasked with crafting the magnificent trophy based on Samuel Ryder’s instructions. The result was the iconic Ryder Cup, an enduring symbol of excellence in the world of golf.

Thomas Lyte, the renowned restorer of precious objects, has been greatly honored to be the official restorer of the Ryder Cup. The original Ryder Cup was crafted from sterling silver and gold plating in the 1920s, with only one remaining today. Thomas Lyte has previously created two-thirds-size replicas of the trophy for players and management teams.

Who is Samuel Ryder?

Samuel Ryder, the founder of The Ryder Cup, was born in Preston, Lancashire, on March 24, 1858. His father was a nurseryman and seed merchant, and Samuel had five sisters and two brothers.

Golf was not initially of interest to Samuel. He played cricket in his youth and followed the Lancashire county team. After he moved to St Albans in 1895, he focused on his seed business and became involved in city life, with sport playing no role.

However, at 50, after a health breakdown, his minister and friend, the Reverend Frank Wheeler, suggested he play golf for fresh air and exercise. Sam agreed reluctantly but found he enjoyed the game. This is how the Ryder Cup story began.

He joined the Verulam Club in 1909 and became Captain for the first time two years later. He was reappointed in 1926 and 1927. In June 1926, a match was organized between the British and American professionals at the newly opened East course at Wentworth, which was to be the precursor of the Ryder Cup.

Samuel Ryder had suggested the match, and the Daily Telegraph golf correspondent George W. Greenwood confirmed it. The first official Ryder Cup was played in 1927, in America, with players in both teams being native-born of the two countries.

Who is the Person on Top of the Ryder Cup Trophy?

If you look carefully at the top of the trophy, you can see a figure of a golfer. People have asked if the figure is based on a real golfer. Well, the person on top of the trophy is none other than Samuel Ryder’s close friend and golf teacher, Abe Mitchell.

Mitchell was a famous British golfer who played in the Ryder Cup in 1929, 1931, and 1933. But he never won the Open Championship, even though he finished in the top 10 eight times out of 17 times. His skill and talent were noticed, and a respected golf writer named Henry Longhurst called him “the best golfer who never won the Open Championship.”

The British team won twice during those years. Mitchell’s skill as a golfer and his experience as a teacher made him a good choice to be Ryder’s personal golf instructor.

Mitchell and Ryder became friends, and eventually, Mitchell taught Ryder how to play golf. Mitchell’s advice helped Ryder improve his game. Ryder was so happy with Mitchell’s help that he later gave the cup to the sport and named it after himself. Mitchell played in three Ryder Cups and went 4-2-0, which took over his place in golfing history.

Does the Winning Team Receive the Original Cup?

When a team wins the Ryder Cup, many assume they get to take home the original cup. However, that’s not the case. Instead, they receive a replica of the Ryder Cup Trophy.

Also, each winning team member receives a slightly downgraded version of the Trophy that they can keep. It’s a wonderful way to commemorate their victory and remind them of their incredible achievement.

The original Ryder Cup Trophy was first publicly displayed in 1927 when it was sent to Worcester, Massachusetts, with the British team for the first Ryder Cup match.

Who Keeps the Trophy?

Professional Golfers Association (PGA) of Great Britain and Ireland owns the original Ryder Cup trophy. The original trophy is kept at their headquarters in Great Britain. The trophy doesn’t give to the winning team.

Instead, the winning team receives an identical replica trophy made for the PGA of America. Additionally, there is another replica trophy that is used for promotional purposes. Members of the winning team receive slightly scaled-down replicas, which they get to keep as a keepsake.

Nicklaus-Jacklin Trophy

The game of golf is known for its competitiveness and always aiming for the best. The values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and strategic decision-making truly define the game. That’s why the Nicklaus-Jacklin Award presented by Aon holds such a remarkable place in the hearts of golf enthusiasts worldwide.

This award is named after one of the most iconic moments in Ryder Cup history – the 1969 “Concession” by Jack Nicklaus. Nicklaus conceded a two-foot putt to Tony Jacklin in that match, resulting in a halved match and the first-ever tie in Ryder Cup history. This remarkable display of sportsmanship and teamwork has come to embody the very essence of the Ryder Cup.

The Nicklaus-Jacklin Award recognizes outstanding sportsmanship, teamwork, and strategic decision-making throughout the Ryder Cup. It is presented to the player who best demonstrates the game’s values and inspires others to follow in their footsteps.


The Ryder Cup trophy is a highly-craved symbol of excellence in the world of golf. The trophy was named after Samuel Ryder, the founder of the Ryder Cup competition, who donated the original trophy in 1927.

The interesting fact is that, the trophy is crafted from gold and features intricate detailing, engraving the names of each winning team and captain on the base. The trophy represents national pride for the countries they represent in every competition, and winning teams proudly display it. Samuel Ryder’s close friend and golf teacher, Abe Mitchell, is on top of the trophy. The Ryder Cup trophy is an unchanging symbol of excellence and an essential part of golf’s history.


Why is the Ryder Cup so special?

The Ryder Cup is so special because of the absence of a prize fund. Instead of competing for personal gain, players compete for their respective nations. The emphasis is on representing one’s country to the best of one’s ability, and each team member strives to win the tournament. The players ultimately compete in the Ryder Cup due to their passion for golf and desire to contribute to their team’s success.

Is the Ryder Cup trophy real gold?

The Ryder Cup trophy is made of pure gold. The trophy is a winning prize for every golfer who aspires to represent their country in the Ryder Cup competition.

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