Listen to Ryder Cup on BBC Radio 5 Live

With the help of BBC Radio 5 Live, you can listen and enjoy Ryder Cup 2023 too. If you are in a traffic jam or outside of your home where you can not watch any device, you can listen to the tournament live on BBC Radio 5.

The Ryder Cup is the pinnacle of golf and an event many people love to watch. However, if you can’t make it to Italy for this year’s tournament, there are still plenty of ways to follow all the action from your home or anywhere else you wish.

You can watch the action on TV or at one of the many pubs in your area showing the action. But did you know that you can listen to the Ryder Cup on BBC Radio 5 Live?

While there are many different ways to listen to the event on your computer or mobile device (such as through BBC Sport), we recommend connecting your computer directly via an ethernet cable to an Internet router.

This will give off a stronger signal and allow for no interruptions during playback. This blog will look at how you can listen to the Ryder Cup on BBC Radio 5 Live.

How to Listen to Ryder Cup on BBC Radio 5 Live

Here, we have discussed the process of listening to Ryder Cup 2023 on BBC Radio 5 Live Step By Step.

Preparing for the Event

You’ll need a digital radio or TV to listen to the Ryder Cup on BBC Radio 5 Live. Your local library can lend one out for free if you don’t have one.

If you’re outside the UK, consider getting a VPN service so that your IP address appears as if it were in Great Britain (or Ireland).

A good VPN will cost about $10 per month and allow access to all broadcast channels inside Britain–including those from BBC Radio 5 Live. Here is how to prepare to listen to the Ryder Cup On BBC Radio.

Step 1: Equipment Needed

You’ll need the following equipment:

  1. A radio device: This can be an actual radio, but it’s more likely that you have a smartphone or tablet. If so, download the BBC iPlayer app and tune in there.
  2. Headphones: (if listening on your phone) or speakers (if listening on a laptop). The Ryder Cup is about being part of something bigger than yourself, so ensure everyone can hear what’s happening.
  3. Internet connection: You need an internet connection to listen to Ryder Cup 2023 on BBC Radio 5 Live. You can either connect your computer or other devices directly to your router, or you can connect wirelessly. Once you have an internet connection, you can go to the BBC Radio 5 Live website and click the “Listen Live” button.

Connect your laptop/tablet/phone via Wi-Fi instead of using its data connection–you want to avoid going over your monthly allowance.

Step 2: Choosing a Listening Location

If you’re listening to the Ryder Cup on BBC Radio 5 Live, it’s important to find a location where there is good signal strength and where you can enjoy the match in peace.

  • Check the strength of your mobile phone signal. You may want to move if no bars are showing in the top right corner of your screen – there is little or no reception at all, and you’ll need to find another place with better coverage before starting up your stream again.
  • Find somewhere quiet so that you can focus on listening as well as watching what’s happening on-screen.

Step 3: Check the Schedule of Events

The schedule of events is a critical component of your Ryder Cup listening experience. You need to know when the matches are happening, so you can be available during them.

Make sure you know what time zone the matches are in and whether there’s any time difference between where you live and where they’re being held.

Listening to the Event

To listen to the event on a radio or mobile device, you can tune into BBC Radio 5 Live. Follow these instructions to tune in to BBC Radio.

Step 1: Tune in to BBC Radio 5 Live

You can listen to all the action on BBC Radio 5 Live, broadcast live from Paris. The frequency you need to tune into depends on the device you’re using:

  • Tune in via a radio – Find your local station by searching for it online or using an app like TuneIn Radio, then tune in. The station is available on FM and DAB in many areas, online at, and via the iPlayer app. You may need to manually enter the frequency instead of pressing “scan” or “tune.”
  • Listen online – If you can’t access a radio at home or work, use this link ( and follow along with us.

Step 2: Follow the Commentary and Analysis

Peter Alliss and Ken Brown lead the BBC Radio 5 Live commentary team. In addition, there will be expert opinions from Ryder Cup legends Sam Torrance, Paul McGinley, and Bernard Gallacher.

You can also listen to the play-by-play commentary of the match on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra (UK only).


It is important to be aware of the different ways to listen to Ryder Cup 2023 on BBC Radio 5 Live. There are various ways to enjoy the event, and it is important to find the one that best suits your needs.

It is also important to ensure you have enough time to listen to all the matches since they will be aired worldwide.

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to listen to Ryder Cup 2023 on BBC Radio 5 Live.

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