Marco Simone Golf & Country Club

Due to the Ryder Cup 2023, many people will visit Marco Simone Golf & Country Club this year. So in this article, we’ve deep dive into this topic. Here we’ve covered Marco Simone Golf & Country Club: everything you need to know.

Nowadays, as a good habit, we try to learn a few about the place we are going to visit, so we have put together all the interesting facts about the Marco Simone Golf Course.

It is one of the most famous and beautiful golf courses in Europe. So in case if you’re interested to learn about this famous Golf course, there is no need to worry. We have got you covered.

Marco Simone Golf & Country Club History

There Golf Club was built around an 11th-century castle. The castle was owned by a famous man named Marco Simone. This type of castle was owned by the lord of the manor, and it was a Roman-fortified manor farm.

The towers around the Golf club were 1000 years old. In the middle ages, some additional buildings were added around the castle. Later in 1970, Italian fashion designer Laura Biagiotti and her husband Gianni Cigna liver thereafter the castle was restored.

In 1989 the Golf Course was built around there. It was designed and built by Jim Fazio and David Mezzacane.


The Marco Simone Golf Club was located 10 miles from the center of the capital city Rome.

  • If you’re there to enjoy the Ryder Cup, then the quickest way to be there is to go there by taxi. It will take about 21 minutes. It will take about $28 – $35.
  • You can also take the bus or subway bus. On the bus, it will take 1 hour 21 minutes, and on the subway bus, it will take 1 hour 35 minutes. Both of these options cost from $3 – $10.

Interesting Facts

  • Marco Simone Golf & Country Club are owned by very famous Italian fashion designer Laura Biagiotti.
  • Rome’s Marco Simone Golf & Country Club will host the 20223 Ryder Cup. It was decided back in 2015 as they won the bid to host the championship. It was going to happen in 2022, but due to COVID-19, it was delayed.
  • It will be completely renovated before the tournament. European Golf Design will redesign the whole Golf course in collaboration with Tom Fazio II. Tom Fazio II is the son of Jim Fazio, who was the original designer who designed the Marco Simone Golf and country club back in 1989.
  • In continental Europe, this will be the third venue to host the tournament.
  • It is one of the largest golf courses in Europe as it extends over 350 acres of land and has 7,000 acres of clubhouse.
  • Marco Simone Golf Club has two golf courses. It offers 27 holes, 18 holes for the championship, and nine holes for a resort. In 2019 it introduced a new bunker around the holes, which enriched the quality of the Golf course.
  • The course hosted the 1994 and 2021 Italian Open Golf championships. It was won by Eduardo Romero and Nicolai H j Guard, respectively.
  • This golf course is perfect for playing Golf and learning all the secrets of Golf.
  • There are inspiring views of the Castle Marco Simone and St. Peter’s Dome from this Golf course. While playing Golf, any Golfer will love this unspoiled landscape.
  • The 18 Golf courses cover almost 100 hectares of land. The whole Golf course is surrounded by classic Roman hills.
  • There are two perfect rounds of 9 holes golf courses which are ideal for golfers to play and enjoy the game of golf. Due to its amazing size, Marco Simone’s golf course gives players freedom in their playing style, unlike anything else.
  • Of all the holes on the tournament course, the 5th is perhaps the most beautiful and shortest.
  • There are four starting tees for men and three starting tees for women. It makes the golf club appropriate to play.
  • Marco Simone is a must-visit place if you’re in Italy, as it showcases Italian cuisine and culture perfectly.
  • Visitors can play on this Golf course both on weekdays and weekends, but you must book in advance.
  • You can play this golf course for between €50 and €200 depending on the week and if you are a guest or a member. Membership fees range from €550 for eight to 12-year-olds to €7,000 for businesses.
  • There are many good quality hotels around the Golf club, so if you’re planning a vacation there while enjoying the Ryder Cup, then you’ll not regret the great view and the Italian culture from there.


Marco Simone Golf And Country Club are built around one of the oldest existing castles in Italy and one of the national heritage. It is also one of the most perfect and beautiful Golf courses ever designed. This year the prestigious will organize the Ryder Cup.

The above article provides an overview of Marco Simone Golf And Country Club: everything you need to know.


When did Marco Simone’s golf course open?

It was opened back in 1989. It was designed by famous Architect Jim Fazio.

How many tournaments were played on Marco Simone’s golf course?

Including the tournament, which will happen in 2023, the Marco Simone golf course hosted three tournaments in total in 1994, 2021, and 2022.

Who is the owner of Marco Simone Golf And Country Club?

Famous Italian Designer Laura Biagiotti owns Marco Simone Golf And Country Club.

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