Ryder Cup 2023 Course Marco Simone Golf & Country Club

The Ryder Cup will make its debut in Italy for the very first time in September 2023. The Marco Simone Golf & Country Club will be there to witness it. On December 14, 2015, it was revealed that Rome would play host to the Ryder Cup in 2023.

There is a total of 11 candidates for this year’s Ryder Cup bid. Later many of them pulled off and the bid for the 44th Ryder Cup was won by Italy. They beat off competition from Germany, Austria, and Spain. In preparation for the event, a significant amount of renovation work has been undertaken at the club.

About 18 kilometers (11 miles) outside of Rome’s city center lies the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club. It takes about 30 minutes to get there from Rome.


  • The club will become the third venue in continental Europe to play host to the event.
  • Marco Simone castle inspired the club’s name.
  • In 1970, the golf club was discovered for the first time.
  • The course was planned and constructed in 1989.
  • In 1994, the Italian Open was held here.
  • Both Jim Fazio and David Mezzacane are famously known as the architects of this golf course.

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If you are planning a golf holiday in “The Eternal City,” you absolutely must play at the Marco Simone Golf Club. It is widely regarded as one of the most prominent golf courses in Italy.  As this course will also host the Ryder Cup in 2023. The following are some facts that you might find interesting; please continue reading.

1. In preparation for the 2023 Ryder Cup, the Marco Simone Course has been rebuilt to include a different playing route.

2. In addition to that, the Club features a fantastic nine-hole resort course.

3. All players can play the course from the right length thanks to the various starting tees offered. There are four trees for men and three trees for women.

4. Those who want to improve their game can take use of the superb practice facilities. It includes a driving range with three different levels of seating.

5. The race takes place throughout a really extensive territory. The golfers who compete on Marco Simone’s course have a genuine sense of independence as a result of this feature.

6. The state of the golf course was really close to being ideal. When you play golf, you have to pay attention to every shot you take since the greens are so quick and the rough is so deep.

7. There is a possibility that both 11 and 16 can be driven, depending on how they are set up. A draw shot is required to reach the green on the 11th hole because of the hill. A fade shot is rewarded on the 16th hole because it is played downhill.


The Ryder Cup 2023 will be held at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club. It is one of Italy’s finest golf courses. There is no more prestigious international golf tournament than the Ryder Cup. It’s significant that this year’s gathering will be held in Rome for the very first time.

This magnificent Championship course is set on over 200 acres of Italian splendor. This club has undergone huge renovation with European Golf Design. In order to host the biggest golf tournament in the world in 2023, a new playing route was also developed using the most advanced technology available. Hopefully, the event will be successful and remembered.

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