How to Watch the Ryder Cup 2023 in the UK


The Ryder Cup is not an event that should be missed if you are passionate about golf. The Ryder Cup has returned. It means fans in the UK will need to adjust their schedules for the next three days to account for the time difference in watching the competition. This article will provide you with information about where and how to watch the Ryder Cup 2023 in the UK.

The 44th season of the Ryder Cup will take place in September and October of 2023. It will be played in Italy for the first time. This event will be held in three different cities in Italy. These destinations include the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club in Guidonia Monticello, which is located in the Metropolitan City and Capital of Rome, Italy.

Event Location – Italy


  • Marco Simone Golf
  • Country Club in Guidonia Montecelio
  • Metropolitan City of Rome Capital

Match Day – Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (Final Day)

Live StreamSky Sports Golf,
How to Watch Using VPNExpressVPN

How to Watch the Ryder Cup Live Stream in the UK

Sky Sports Golf

Sky Sports Golf is the official Broadcaster of the Ryder Cup in the UK. Sky Sports Golf UK fans can watch the three tournaments live. Sky Go app is available for streaming from any smart device.

Single-day, weekly, and monthly passes are available for £9.99-£33.99 for those who are not currently subscribed to a Sky TV subscription. is the web address of the event’s official website. From that site, viewers can watch the tournament through live streams. This website does not charge any fees.

How to Watch Using VPN

Using a virtual private network (VPN), you can access any network from any location. You can use your existing VPN subscription to watch the Ryder Cup live without revealing the location.

Using Express VPN, you can watch Ryder Cup from NBC and Sling TV. Connect the US server, and you’re good to go. Download a premium VPN service like Express VPN. Subscribe to their monthly package. Login and enjoy Ryderup without revealing your location to anyone.

The Ryder Cup can also be viewed live by connecting to Express VPN’s UK server.


Golf fans from all over the world are familiar with the Ryder Cup. It is a prestigious annual competition. Live streaming coverage of the Ryder Cup is restricted to only certain countries around the world. We have included information in this guide on how to watch the Ryder Cup 2023 in the UK.

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