Where to Stay During the Ryder Cup 2023

Anyone who watches sports is ardently waiting for the Ryder Cup 2023 to start.

They’ll stream it on any platform or watch it from the comfort of their homes.

Or, if they belong to the die-hard fans club, they will book a ticket, take the next flight to Italy, and wait for the cup to start. But what happens after they land there?

Their accommodation? Their food?

And that’s when the big question pops into everyone’s mind: Where to stay during the Ryder Cup 2023?

1. Palazzo Delle Pietre

  • Address: Via delle Coppelle, 23, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
  • Cost: 1055 Euros to 3340 Euros
  • Booking: Palazzo delle Pietre
Palazzo Delle Pietre

One of the most luxuriously designed hotels of all, Palazzo delle Pietre, can turn out to be a royal treat to anyone if they decide to stay here during the Ryder Cup 2023.

It may be worth a king’s ransom, but definitely worth every single penny. This place has everything from tranquil residences to quality services.

The hotel carries beautiful architecture that is actually a renovation of the 15th-century palace. The exterior design of the hotel is a treat for anyone’s eyes.

Any description of it in words will not justify its magnificent beauty. Much has been said about its architecture; let us talk about the services and amenities.

They provide personal trainers, massages, beauty services, grocery shopping, babysitting, laundry, and many more to name. Not only these, but they also provide space for business meetings if the need arises to have them.

For all pet lovers, fortunately, pets are allowed. So they can enjoy the Ryder Cup without worrying about how their pet is doing back home.

2. Corso 281 Luxury Suites Roma

Corso 281 Luxury Suites Roma

Corso 281 Luxury Suites Roma is for the ones that are seeking the most lavish holiday treats while staying in Italy for the Ryder Cup 2023. It is considered to be quite extravagant to stay here, but as they say, “When in Rome, so as Romans do. ”

So why not indulge in some royal treatment while staying for the matches?

The hotel is the epitome of class and style. Although it is distinctively Roman by the exterior designs, the interior carries the grand yet serene reflection of Milan architect Chiara Caberlon.

Every nook and cranny has been detailed with a lot of thought. The hotel prefers to switch display works from photography to painting every six months.

Now, as for the services and amenities, the hotel boasts an underground lounge with an honesty bar and wine cave. The staff is well-trained when it comes to services that range from being adept at cooking a variety of cuisines to being personal shoppers.

They are also able to arrange exclusive tours of different historical places. The hotel is perfect for visiting with family, and in addition to that, children are provided with a free kit consisting of toys and stuffed bears.

Along with that, children under four can stay for free.

3. CasaCau Hotel

  • Address: Via in Arcione, 94, 00187 Roma RM, Italy
  • Cost: 430 Euros to 600 Euros
  • Booking: CasaCau
CasaCau Hotel

The very name of this hotel gives emperor vibes. CasaCau, Its mononymous name, says that this hotel is the classiest hotel.

After all, if you’re here to watch the Ryder Cup 2023, you better do it in style. The hotel is made up of six vast apartments. Renowned interior designers have designed them.

The apartments are designed with different themes. They also have a kitchenette with a well-stocked fridge.

By the way, guests do not have to cook their own meals. Guests can order food.

But who would want to order food and spend more money when they have access to cooking?

Fun fact: some of the apartments have Turkish baths.

The staff are multilingual, so hopefully, guests from any nationalities will not have any problem. The grocery shopping service is free of cost.

Moreover, there are laundry services available, so guests will not have to worry about dirty clothes. They can relax and spend their time watching the Ryder Cup.

In addition to that, if any guests bring their child, babysitters can be provided if the child is to be kept at the hotel. And the best part?

It takes only a few minutes to walk to the iconic Trevi Fountain. It takes mere 5 minutes to walk to Barberini Metro Station.

Guests can indulge in other tourist attractions, such as Piazza di Spagna.

4. Palazzo Navona Hotel

  • Address: Largo della Sapienza, 8, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
  • Cost: 178 Euros to 414 Euros
  • Booking: Palazzo Navona Hotel
Palazzo Navona Hotel

Palazzo Navona Hotel has one of the best views of the entire city. It is situated in the heart of Rome and offers a breathtaking view of the city from its terrace.

But the best part about this hotel is that it is quite close to the Ryder Cup 2023 venue. The hotel rooms are so plush and classy, with modern decor.

The rooms come with a minibar, electric kettle, and a TV, while the bathrooms have a hairdryer, slippers, and free toiletries. Not only are the rooms brilliant but also their services.

They can babysit children while parents are out enjoying matches. Guests have praised its charming and warm ambiance.

It is a perfectly suitable place to stay while you are in Rome for the Ryder Cup 2023. The calm and serene atmosphere has the ability to soothe anyone’s mood.

But it can also turn into a jovial atmosphere as they have a really happening bar where you can call it a day by having drinks with your friends and acquaintances. But the biggest treat of Palazzo Navona Hotel is its rooftop.

It gives an ethereal view of the Eternal City. As for the amenities, they serve breakfast in the rooms, safes in the rooms, a minibar, free wifi, and many more that you can discover once you visit it.

The staff speaks both English and Italian.

5. Hotel Fontana Rome

  • Address: Piazza di Trevi, 96, 00187 Rome, Italy
  • Cost: 112 Euros to 374 Euros
  • Booking: Hotel Fontana Rome
Hotel Fontana Rome

If you want to holiday in style but also at a reasonable price, Hotel Fontana Rome is just the perfect place to stay.  They have got all the lush amenities and services, classy but cozy decor, and easy access to some of Rome’s exquisite historical places.

And the added bonus is that Hotel Fontana Rome is not that far from the Ryder Cup 2023 venues. To start with, the hotel faces the famed Trevi Fountain.

You can opt to have breakfast at the Rooftop Lounge while soaking in the view of the fountain. A great way to start your day!

After you’re done with breakfast, you can set out for the day.  If there is a match, you can watch that.

Or if not, then you can play tourist and go visit some of Rome’s famous historical sites such as the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, and many more. The amenities and services vary from complimentary breakfast to concierge services.

Many have, in fact, given reviews about how comfortable their stay was and how trustworthy the staff was.  To add a cherry on top, they even provide a taxi to pick you up from the airports, although they do charge 55 euros for it.

They also have a broad range of activities for their guests, such as bicycle rides and hiking. The languages spoken at the hotel are Spanish, French, English, and Italian.

So, people who speak just English, don’t you fret at all.  Just book your ticket and hop on.

The Ryder Cup 2023 is all set to start.  You do not have to ask yourself or anyone about where they will stay during the Ryder Cup 2023.

Now that the accommodation hassle is solved, golf lovers just have to do one small thing: not wait long and book their tickets days before the cup starts. In fact, why days before?

Book the tickets a month before the Ryder Cup 2023 starts and go to Italy and visit many of its historic places. Play tourist and enjoy the cobbled European streets.

Golam Muktadir is a passionate sports fan and a dedicated movie buff. He has been writing about both topics for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with his readers. Muktadir has a degree in journalism and has written for several well-known publications, including Surprise Sports.