Ryder Cup Previous Champions

United States vs. Europe, the two elite forces will soon collide on the field. People around the world are anxious about who is going to win this time. Soon the world will find out once again which West is the best. Get ready for the Clash of Titans with clubs.

The field is ready, carts are ready, clubs are ready, and the golfers are also ready. Oh yes, we are talking about golf, not a war.

Nonetheless, it is in no way less serious than war. The Ryder Cup 2023 will begin on 23 September 2023. Fans are already hyped about the tournament, and why wouldn’t they be?

You get to see some of the best golfers teaming up against some of the other best golfers. It’s best vs. the best to find out who is the best.

It is one of the most anticipated golf tournaments every two years. The next edition is scheduled to take place in Italy.

The Ryder Cup is one of the major and most prestigious golf tournaments with a long history since 1927. Winning the tournament is considered a major achievement for the players. Here we will see the Ryder Cup Previous Champions from 1927 to 2021.

Let’s shoot it. By the way, there is some extra information that might interest you. So, keep rolling.

Ryder Cup Previous Champions

The Ryder Cup is played between Team USA and Team Europe. So far, 43 tournaments have been played, and the USA has won most of them. The USA has shown its dominance in the tournament from the very beginning.

Until 1977, the tournament was played between the USA and Great Britain. However, in 1979, the continental countries were added to the Europe team.

We have listed all the Ryder Cup Previous Champions since 1927, including their final scores:

1927United States9½ – 2½United States
1929Great Britain7 – 5England
1931United States9 – 3United States
1933Great Britain6½ – 5½England
1935United States9 – 3United States
1937United States8 – 4England
1947United States11 – 1United States
1949United States7 – 5England
1951United States9½ – 2½United States
1953United States6½ – 5½England
1955United States8 – 4United States
1957Great Britain7½ – 4½England
1959United States8½ – 3½United States
1961United States14½ – 9½England
1963United States23 – 9United States
1965United States19½ – 12½England
1967United States23½ – 8½United States
1969Tied16 – 16England
1971United States18½ – 13½United States
1973United States19 – 13Scotland GB & Ireland
1975United States21 – 11United States
1977United States12½ – 7½England GB & Ireland
1979United States17 – 11United States
1981United States18½ – 9½England
1983United States14½ – 13½United States
1985Europe16½ – 11½England
1987Europe15 – 13United States
1989Tied14 – 14England
1991United States14½ – 13½United States
1993United States15 – 13England
1995Europe14½ – 13½United States
1997Europe14½ – 13½Spain
1999United States14½ – 13½United States
2002Europe15½ – 12½England
2004Europe18½ – 9½United States
2006Europe18½ – 9½Ireland
2008United States16½ – 11½United States
2010Europe14½ – 13½Wales
2012Europe14½ – 13½United States
2014Europe16½ – 11½Scotland
2016United States17 – 11United States
2018Europe17½ – 10½France
2021United States19 – 9United States

Quick Stats

  • Out of the 43 tournaments, the USA has won 27 times.
  • Great Britain had won thrice until 1979 before adding the continental countries and becoming Team Europe.
  • After turning into Team Europe, they have won 11 times with one tie.
  • Two times the tournament ended in a tie- 1969 and 1989. In 1969, the USA retained the cup, and in 1989, Europe got to retain the cup.
  • The USA holds the record for winning by the largest margin they made in 1967. The final score is the USA 23 ½ and Great Britain 8 ½.
  • USA held the cup for twenty-four years by winning the tournaments consecutively twelve times. Though there was one tie in 1969, the cup was retained anyway.
  • The table turned around when Great Britain allied with other countries and became a European team.
  • Though the USA dominated in the last century, the table turned around at the beginning of the new century. Europe has won seven times in the last twenty years.

Ryder Cup Format

The tournament is three days long only. The first two days are for one four-match session of four balls and one four-match session of foursomes. On the final day, you have twelve singles matches.

A total of 28 matches are played, including eight four-balls, eight foursomes, and twelve singles matches. Winning any match adds one point to the scoreboard. The team that gets to score 14 ½ first wins the tournament.

The previous champion retains the cup if the final score is 14-14, which is a tie.

Both teams consist of twelve golfers, one captain, and five vice-captains.


The fact that the Ryder Cup is played between the USA and Europe is special enough for the fans to hook in. But on top of that, you see the world’s best golfers teaming up to face other bests.

From the list of the Ryder Cup Previous Champions, you can see that the USA had a dominating period in the last century. However, this century shows a different picture. Including the continental countries has made the tournament more exciting and enjoyable.

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